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Handling Instructions

The following instructions apply to all the acrylic paintings made after 1998.  Most of these works will have a notice already attached to the back of the panel.

Handling Instructions

This painting has a permanent, sealed surface.  It can easily be cleaned with a soft cloth, with or without using water.  A Q-tip soaked in water can be used to gently remove any foreign matter stuck to the surface.  This painting requires some special handling in transit and storage to prevent damage to its surface. It is especially important that nothing should press against the surface of the painting with any force, as this will leave an indentation.



 [] Shadow Box Instructions:

The painting will have arrived with a "shadow box" made of corrugated plastic.  Please preserve this plastic; if broken down and stored flat it takes up very little space.  Store and move the painting with the plastic shadowbox attached (using " staples into the REAR of the painting).  If desired, plastic can wrapped around the shadow box . 

Front view (showing gap between front of painting and plastic)

Rear view (showing painting attached to shadow box with staples)

If the original plastic shadowbox is unavailable, another can be constructed out of Primex (corrugated plastic) or cardboard by cutting strips the length of the sides of the painting and scoring them, then taping them together.  Make sure to leave a gap between the front of the painting and the folded front of the shadow box.

[] If no plastic shadowbox is available and the painting must be moved anyway, a temporary alternative is to wrap a thin strip of bubble wrap around the edge of the painting tightly, without touching the front surface.

[] If the surface of the painting is ever damaged, it can be resurfaced in the artist's studio:


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