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The acrylic paintings are made using a process that I have been developing over the past several years.  They are characterized by their smooth gloss finish, and the use of multiple translucent layers.  The paintings are composed mainly of acrylic medium, which I pour while the painting is horizontal.  I use wooden panels to support these pours while they are drying.  In between these smooth, clear layers, I work with various media, including pencil, pen, and dispersed pigments mixed in more acrylic medium.  Close inspection of a painting will reveal the structure of the layers, which do not necessarily follow the pictorial layering (e.g. the "foreground" of the image is often on one of the deepest layers, whereas the "background" is often one of the last layers painted).  The final layer or layers are always pure medium, giving the painting a uniform glossy surface.


-Jonathan Feldschuh


Typical edge view, showing drips formed from successive layers


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