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Science Links

Images from the Macrocosm and Simulations series have attracted interest from the scientific community.  Here are some links to web sites that have used these images.

Nature, June 30, 2005

DNA Art & Science: The Double Helix (online exhibit at USF)

Genome News Network Article 6/13/2003

Portal do Astrˇnomo article on exotic matter (in Portugese; auto-translated English version)

Interview in Spiegel Online with SETI researcher Doug Vakoch  (in German; auto-translated English version)

Theoretical Physics Group Universitat Aut˛noma de Barcelona (UAB)

New York Academy of Sciences _ Oligonucleotides conference

UCLA course: "Art, Science & Technology"

Prof. Michael Tuts Lecture on the Higss Boson






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