Jonathan Feldschuh



SOHO,  acrylic on canvas over panel, 48" x 48", 2002

Art Resources Transfer
21O 11th Ave. #403 (between 24th & 25th streets), New York NY 10001
January 3 - 25, 2003
solo exhibition

This small solo exhibition consists of three new works from the Macrocosm series.  SOHO, YOHKOH, and Extreme Ultraviolet are paintings based on images of the sun produced by orbiting satellite observatories (the names of the paintings are taken from the satellites or instruments that were used).  The colors of the paintings are somewhat arbitrary, a translation from the extreme ultraviolet to a yellow-orange-red-brown-black mapping that suggests a glowing coal. 

See images from this exhibition Information about the scientific images that are the basis for these paintings.
Links to scientific websites that have used images from this series


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